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Siebenthal Care Home is a non-medical Residential Care Facility for the Elderly licensed by the State of California to serve up to six residents. We provide care and services to those who need assistance, have health issues or are no longer safe to live by themselves.


The Siebenthal team provides rigorous health monitoring not usually found in most large Assisted Living facilities. Daily vital signs are transmitted to doctor's offices. Caregivers regularly accompany new residents on doctor visits. Any changes in health, cognition, balance or emotional state is documented and monitored closely. An advocate of the progressive "Self-Centered Care," the Siebenthal staff receive robust training on the best methods to assist residents without compromising independence or dignity.


  • Small Private Facility.  Your loved one will live in a house in a residential neighborhood. This  creates a comfortable environment providing socialization and fun. Our home is the right size where our residents feel comfortable and a part of a group.​
  • We Are Privately Owned.  Our management team is dedicated and focused on the operation of the facility and provides continuous instructions to assist our caregivers to effectively care for our residents.
  • Our Exceptional Location and Environment.  Our home features a comfortable floor plan with an outdoor patio that encourages movement and provides a soothing and calming environment for our residents. It is within easy reach for visitors.
  • An Advocate So You Can Relax. Whether it is managing health, caring for the most personal needs, engaging residents socially or just making each day more fun, once you meet Lita and her team, you will feel confident they have it handled.
  • All-Inclusive Care.  A stress-free environment where care, services, food and basic supplies are included into one cost-effective rate.

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About the Owner

Lita Siebenthal is an advocate, a champion for older adults and animals and operates from a rock-solid base of faith. She is tireless... Lita literally explodes with joy and creative ideas. Every season is robustly celebrated with feasts and colorful decorations. The garden is a continual project and every day features a new plan —  complete with good things to think about, great things to do and wonderful things to eat. Even though Siebenthal's features a transit van for outings, appointments and day trips, the Siebenthal team makes sure that  residents receive on-site services they require also. Siebenthal’s has a relationship with a physician on-call and accessibility to on-site religious services for most denominations. It can be said that Siebenthal’s takes active care of residents —  physically, spiritually and emotionally. 


Not content to stay home all the time, Lita and Bob Siebenthal regularly take residents to their vacation home on the Mendocino Coast! Siebenthal residents are regular participants at Redwood Senior Program at Fort Bragg. The Siebenthal team makes sure that her residents are engaged and active, often inviting residents to accompany her on errands and shopping trips. The result...? Siebenthal's residents are family. Traveling together, playing together and celebrating each day together.