Our Services at Siebenthal Care Home

Our caregivers are committed to providing a personalized level of quality care services. We understand that each resident has different needs, and our caregivers and support staff emphasize relationships and communication and we are committed to providing the finest board and care home in the community.  

Meal Preparation 

  • 3 nutritious meals daily, plus snacks and beverages
  • Monitoring of diet (If prescribed- i.e. low sugar, salt, etc.)
  • Assistance with meals as needed
  • Every season is robustly celebrated with feasts and colorful decorations.

Housekeeping and Laundry Service

  • Basic housekeeping
  • Regular laundry service
  • Linens, sheets, pillows, and blankets included

Furniture And Basic Supplies Included

  • Bedroom furniture (bed, side table, chair, and dresser or closet)
  • Living and social areas with TV
  • Toiletries and hygiene supplies

Medication Management 

  • Dispensing of medicines as per doctor's orders
  • Medication inventories stored and locked
  • Ordering prescriptions and refills 

Personal Care

  • Assistance with grooming, bathing and dressing as needed
  • Observe and report any changes in appetite or behavior
  • Accessibility to on-site religious services for most denominations.

Memory Care

Sometimes memory care means reteaching even the simplest task... Lita and her team embrace these engagement opportunities with patience and skill. Training, redirection and reteaching never has to be drudgery!  Incorporating past and present reminiscences, Lita and her staff are able to meet their memory-challenged residents on familiar terms. By actively involving residents in community and cultural events, the Siebenthal team make sure residents stay connected to their heritage. Siebenthal's also uses pet therapy quite frequently. Particularly through hospice, the physiological and psycho-social benefits of pet therapy help Lita's residents feel less isolated. Finally, Siebenthal's invites local musicians to play to residents. Music therapy is a wonderful tool to help residents calm down, stay engaged and move around!

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